Why Consider Green Building Design

83Green building design is now the most used phrase in the construction community as it is increasingly leading the modern day building policies in the western world. Unlike conventional homes, the aim of green architecture is to address various aspects like energy conservation and reduction in water consumption along with smart usage of renewable energy sources to power the building premises.

A well trained and experienced green architect can help you with the process of constructing an Eco-friendly building by making use of the best tools and materials. It’s not just about making use of the Eco-friendly systems like using HVAC systems but also designing every inch of the property, for instance the ventilation, walls, insulation and windows to achieve your energy objectives. It’s not just about making your building cost effective (at least 30% savings) but also reducing the carbon impact it makes to a great extent.

By engaging a green builder you are not only saying yes to making use of solar panels wherever possible but even usage of nontoxic paints. This not only pushes you to the pinnacle of modern living but a healthy living environment for your family. It is essential to engage a builder who is well certified (LEED) and trained in this field. Before hiring one, it’s better to have an initial meeting to know more about the experience and knowledge the architect holds to take up your project.

An expert architect will deal with several aspects of the construction process such as:

– Designs the building in such a way to reduce any negative effect it can have on the environment.

– Makes use of sophisticated green technology and tools along with renewable systems and Eco-friendly products to construct and equip the building

– Comes up with a plan to decrease the overall energy and water usage

– The green construction will make use of the latest environmental systems whether for heating/cooling purposes. For instance, the usage of geothermal heat pumps can have a big impact on how your building’s temperature gets affected

– The builder will also educate you on the whole construction process and maintenance required later on. So in essence he/she will keep you informed about the advantages and savings you can make every month on your new green home

Needless to say, your green Eco friendly building’s market value will be a lot higher when compared to conventional homes. So it’s time you interviewed your local architects to find the best contractor among them.

Tips on Choosing the Right and Best Home Designs

82It will take a lot of time for you to choose the proper best home designs that are suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

You have to recognize a couple of things that you have to consider when choosing a home design. It is crucial for you to pink home design which fits your taste. You also have to consider about your landscape.

Needs and Lifestyle

Family needs and lifestyles are two most important things when building a home. But you have to rely on the plans for your family in the future. For example, new couples will have a different home plan from a retired couple in terms of characteristics.

Before you choose the design that you want to in order to build a home, it is well recommended for you to thinks about your lifestyle and needs.


A couple of homeowners want to have home plans which are more intimate in their personal living spaces and master bedroom, while some others want to have some privacy in their office space.

It is also important for you to think about privacy that you want from your neighbors and occupants. If you think this is crucial for you, you have to consider applying design with a U or L shape design. This house plans types will offer you more privacy when building a home.

Aesthetics and Furnishings

You have to consider the floor plan that you want to have for your new home because it will accommodate your furniture. Talking about the sizes of the room, you have to consider the seating places and the placement of your furniture because it will impact on the feel of your room. It is better for you to measure the furniture in order to decide the space that you want to use for your furniture.

Outdoor Space

Your home plan style will be affected by the natural and geographical landscaping features of your lot that you will have to pick.

Meanwhile, you have to consider whether you want to have enough lot space that you want to use for gardens, interesting landscaping, or pools or your lot space will offer a lawn spot for outdoor sports and games.

For those of you who already bought the building pot, you have to consider a couple of those reasons and plan your house design that you pick in order to find your requirements and needs.

Picking Building Lot

Flat building lots house plans are cheap and easy to build, even though you will find that they are not interesting as a sloping lot. You will be allowed by the sloping lot to plan for a daylight basement and tuck the garage under the home.

When planning to build a home, you also have to consider about a couple of cars that you want to use. You have to think about the space for the driveway or you also have to consider about the parking if many people come to your house. For those of you who have bought house plan, you do not have to choose a building lot that will generate that design.

What Shed Design Will Best Suit Your Needs and Backyard?

81Building a home involves many stages. These involve building the foundation, framing, plumbing and electrical, just to name a few. Another aspect of building a home might include constructing a shed in your backyard.

Depending the style of house you build and the type of backyard attached to it, the design of the shed will very. This design will need to compliment your house. The type of shed you chose will also have to be practical for your backyard.

Consider a home with a small backyard. This type of yard will require a shed that is simple and compact in design. Consider the lean-to shed. The lean-to shed is great for yards with limited space, This style of garden shed can be attached to the side of your garage or patio entrance. It would be a great place to store your garden supplies and tools.

The lean-to shed consists of a roof that has only one pitch. The roof can be flat, but having a pitch makes it more resistance to the effects of rainfall and snow.

Another type of backyard shed to consider for a small yard is the pent roof style shed. Unlike the lean-to style shed it is designed to be a stand-alone structure. Its design is very distinctive. The roof consists of a single flat piece which has a slight slope or pitch. The base of the structure can be concrete or wood.

The gable roof shed is another design to consider. Depending on its footprint it can easily fit into a small or medium-sized backyard. This shed design has an A-frame style roof. This means the roof has two sides of the same size and pitch The roof allows for extra head room and more storage space for your garden tools and supplies. This style of shed will be more complicated to build when compared to a lean-to or pent roof style shed because of the roof design. The gable roof shed also compliments many house designs because of its A-frame style roof.

The clerestory style shed is another shed design with a very distinctive roof. It is very well suited for a larger backyard with a well-developed garden. The structure of the roof consists of a row of windows at the top of the roof. These a know as clerestory windows. The windows allow sunlight to travel through them and spread into the shed structure. This provides excellent lighting from the sun. This also makes the shed into a great place to work or store potting plants. Because of its roof design it is the most complicated of the sheds mentioned here.

Building a shed in your backyard can be a rewarding experience. Knowing the best design for your yard will help make your building experience an even more rewarding experience. It is recommended you use some type of proven shed design plan to guide you in the shed building process. Using proven shed building plans will help you determine which shed design is best for your needs and backyard.

Best Regards

Build a garden shed in you backyard with expert plans. See how everything should look before you build them. Most shed plans do not tell you everything you need to know. A perfect shed plan will tell you what you need to know and never leave you scratching your head thinking about what to do next. Get clear and instructive shed construction plans to help you shed building experience more rewarding.

Best Building Designs for Businesses

80Commercial buildings dominate skylines in most cities today and house a large working population. In fact these buildings are the best index of all economic activity. The most important attributes of any commercial building are safety, comfort, accessibility and technological connectivity. The building is designed with the need for spaces (conference, employee or visitor support, maintenance) also. Hence, architectural plans for commercial buildings are different when compared to plans for residential architecture.

Environmental Friendly Commercial Building Design

The Energy Protection Agency has been encouraging design firms to help reduce fossil fuel energy associated with CO2 emissions during design, construction and operation of commercial complexes. In fact you can design office space to achieve Energy Star and help save money while you contribute to save the environment also. You can use a variety of Energy Star tools and resources to earn the recognition.

Commercial BuildingDesigns for Your Business

There are a number of companies which have been providing quality commercial building designs for years. These designs can be tailored to suit your retail plans. However, you need to ensure that you look out for and find an experienced architect or company who are experienced in construction and design. This will provide you the assurance that the commercial complex has been designed with the knowledge of the best materials and methods while complying with the changing building codes of the city. You may find ready-made architectural/engineering drawings online also. However, you can consult an experienced architect for the best building design for your specific building type.

At Construction Architects at Lusk Construction assist customers throughout the building process. With our years of experience we work with our customers as a team in selecting the correct site, completing the site design, determining and developing a realistic budget for the project, and create the building look that says who you are.