Smart Tips to Build the Cheapest Home and Choose the Best Architecture

92Having a beautiful home is an ideal thing for almost all families. Unfortunately, having the beautiful and big ones is not as cheap as you think before. In the recession era, building an ideal home with the minimum budget seems only a dream. But, it will be possible if you know the right step.

There are three important things you should aware in building a great and cheap house. The first one is the used of the architect service. There are still many people trapped on the wrong assumptions about the architect. People consider the service of the architect is always expensive, so they will feel cheap and comfort without architects. But not all the architects set high tariffs.

People can save money by using the services of architects, because the architect can assist in making the architectural structure of the house, room, and material selection of efficient and effective. Using the service of architect also assist you in making a good home design. Since a few architects do not ready to give the house architectural services with appropriate tariff with the bag.

The second prominent matters are measuring your budget. If you have minimum budget in building your home, you should be able to minimize your cost. For example, you can use building materials or materials that are relatively cheap price. There are quite a lot of basic materials or cheap to be explored its use or installation means to form an interesting sense of space.

The last thing you need to remember in building or renovating your house is architectural and structural design of your house. It is somewhat different from the design house with minimum funds; low-cost housing design begins with the design just structured system first, rather than starting from the architectural design.

One example is the plan for the roof structure. For this section, the use of fiber-cement roof (no asbestos content) for example will be much cheaper when compared with tile roofs, because it is not required rafters and battens.